1 heart Initiative

The year 2020 had a devastating effect on many individual people, but it also had a severely negative impact on many charitable organizations at a time when they are needed the most. We, here at Got Your Back Shack, believe the best way to make the world a better place for everyone in it, is by changing hearts, minds and lives, one person at a time, through service and love. Many charitable organizations, large or small, show their dedication to this effort every single day. We are grateful for their efforts and have decided to do what we can to help by starting our new “1 Heart Initiative” for 2021.

In this new initiative, we invite all non-profit, certified charitable organizations, regardless of size, to apply for a grant to be used toward their promotional and print marketing efforts to expand their reach and their message of hope and love. We will be providing a $500 grant to one charity in each of the four quarters of 2021. We will be accepting applications during each quarter and awarding the grant to the winning recipient in the month following the end of each quarter.



Click here for General Information, Requirements, and Terms and Conditions.


Click here for a printable application. Please print, complete and return via mail or email.


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